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How Google actually indexes your website.


There are approximately 200 things that Google looks at to rank your website, or figure out how relevant your website is when responding to a search query. No one outside of Google knows or understands the algorithm that is applied to these signals, but a lot of people test and try to figure it out.

There are some basics we can apply to your website to improve how your website appears to Google (we do this by default for Easyopt customers), but this Graphic below (courtesy of Mindstorm) illustrates how the Google engine works.

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SEO for Independent Practices

New templates for Easyopt customers


As far as Opticians web design goes, we like to keep things simple. We allow our customers to see and feel what their website will look like before they buy it. It makes sense that you want to know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

We don’t build websites from scratch; we use a proven technology called WordPress to power your website. WordPress is open source software trusted by millions of people worldwide. It’s free to use and has a vibrant community of millions supporting it. It’s hosted in the cloud so you have no software to install and maintain (we do all that for you).

We customise templates, (called ‘themes’), to match your corporate colour palette, logos and branding. The benefit of using standard templates is that they’re less complex and well supported. We use this approach to minimise risk to your website.

Anyway, here’s one we’re working on at the moment:

Easyopt Opticians web design to promote your Practice online

You can see a work in progress version here.

You can check out our templates in the Portfolio. If you’re interested in getting a website like this for your Practice, get started now or contact us right away.

Google on why mobile design is important


There’s an excellent article in the Google developer blog about mobile design, or what you should know when building a mobile friendly website.

The top three reasons to consider (in their words) are:

  1. Make it easy for customers
  2. Measure the effectiveness of your website by how easily mobile customers can complete common tasks
  3. Select a mobile template, theme, or design that’s consistent for all devices (i.e., use responsive web design).

All are important, but here’s our take:

Make it easy for customers.
If your customer has to think about what they’re doing, or figure out how to use your website you’ve already failed. Your website needs to be intuitive so the user can access the information they need quickly.

Measure the effectiveness of your website by how easily mobile customers can complete common tasks.
Can the user understand what your website is about from reading the front page? How many clicks does it take to access the contact page? Can the user read the text, or has it shrunk so small they need to zoom around your site to read anything?

Select a mobile template, theme, or design that’s consistent for all devices (i.e., use responsive web design).
You’ll be pleased to know that all Easyopt websites are mobile ready, right out of the tin.

Why not talk to us about getting a nice new website for your Practice?

Check whether your site is responsive


Responsive design is the ability for your website to adapt, automatically, to different sized device screens like mobile and tablet. The content and navigation on your website should be clear and accessible regardless of how your visitor is interacting with your site.

Responsive design for Opticians and Independent Practices
Responsive design for Opticians and Independent Practices

Google now factors in the mobile friendliness when it indexes your website. There’s a quick and easy way for you to check this yourself, and here’s how you do it.

  1. Visit the Google mobile checker page (hint: this will open a new window so you can refer back here
  2. Enter your website address into the address bar and click on the analyze button
  3. Wait a moment and you should see something like this:

    Google mobile friendly test for Easyopt
    Google mobile friendly test for Easyopt

If you get the green Awesome! message then you’re good. This means your website can adapt to mobile devices and it will enhance your ranking in Google.

If your website doesn’t adapt to mobile sized screens you’ll see a red message. If this is the case, contact us today about how we can help you fix this.