New templates for Easyopt customers

As far as Opticians web design goes, we like to keep things simple. We allow our customers to see and feel what their website will look like before they buy it. It makes sense that you want to know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

We don’t build websites from scratch; we use a proven technology called WordPress to power your website. WordPress is open source software trusted by millions of people worldwide. It’s free to use and has a vibrant community of millions supporting it. It’s hosted in the cloud so you have no software to install and maintain (we do all that for you).

We customise templates, (called ‘themes’), to match your corporate colour palette, logos and branding. The benefit of using standard templates is that they’re less complex and well supported. We use this approach to minimise risk to your website.

Anyway, here’s one we’re working on at the moment:

Easyopt Opticians web design to promote your Practice online

You can see a work in progress version here.

You can check out our templates in the Portfolio. If you’re interested in getting a website like this for your Practice, get started now or contact us right away.