Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

We’re sure you have lots of questions, so here are the key bits of information you’ll need in one handy FAQ. If there’s anything you need to know which isn’t answered here please contact us.

What exactly is Easyopt?
EasyOpt is a website management service designed for Independent Practices. We create smart, Google optimised and mobile friendly websites to promote your Practice online. And if you’re too busy, we can update it for you too.

What are the benefits?

  • We operate a pay-as-you-go model with no up front fee, so getting online is low cost
  • Your website is professionally monitored and maintained, no software updates to worry about
  • Google friendly to leverage the power of all major search engines
  • Mobile friendly so the website layout, navigation and content adapt to smaller devices.

What’s included in the service?
Think of it as a “website solution in a box”. Your service includes a website, hosting, everything you need to advertise and promote yourself to the world. We also send monthly newsletters to keep you up to date and share any tips we’ve learned for digitally marketing yourselves. (Tip – follow us on Twitter too).

What isn’t included in the service?
You’ll need to register your domain name (e.g., but we can talk you through that. It’s better that you own and control the domain. We also don’t update social media feeds, your Twitter and Facebook (etc) accounts will continue to be updated by you.

Am I able to update the website too?
Absolutely! We actively encourage users to edit and update their own website so it’ll be completely under your control. You’ll be able to update the website from you PC or on your tablet and phone using a free WordPress app. It’s not difficult, if you can edit a Word document you can use WordPress.

Why is there no upfront cost like other, legacy suppliers?
We’re so convinced you’ll be delighted with our service, we see no reason to add a setup cost to the process. Our accelerators mean we can get you online quickly, and we prefer a low barrier to entry to encourage take up of the service.

Do you build my website from scratch?
We’ll build your website using professionally developed templates, we don’t start with a blank canvas. We do customise the templates to meet and match your corporate colours, logos and photography requirements. We adopt this approach because it’s quicker, more reliable, and we don’t believe in reinventing the wheel.