Had your site checked recently?

Run tests on your website to spot potential issues before they become a problem.

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Our site check will find issues before they become a problem

You’re the sight people, we’re the site people.

Why not take a website health check to see if your online presence is fit and well? Here’s what we look at.


If your website doesn’t load fast (under 3 seconds), users will leave and go somewhere else, they won’t hang around. That’s business you’re losing.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

If you don’t index well in Google people can’t find you. Your Search Engine Optimisation dictates how findable you are. Or aren’t, as the case may be.


Different people use websites in different ways. If you disadvantage users because of site structure, colours or layout, that’ll impact your business

Mobile friendliness

More than 50% of Internet searches are on mobile devices. If your website doesn’t adapt to different screen sizes you’re missing out, bigtime.


If your website isn’t protected it can get hacked. Worse still, it can go offline or be lost altogether. Make sure your data and code is safe and secure.

Content and structure

Is the information on your website well organised? Content that’s not structured logically means users have to search for the information they need to make a decision – that’s time lost and potentially frustrating for the user.

Is your content concise, grammatically correct and well written? Poorly written content looks slap dash at best, and shows a lack of professionalism and quality at worst.

Now you try…

Do a mini site check yourself with these tools to see if improvements can be made. It’s quick, easy and they’re all free.

  1. Check website speed with GTMetrix
  2. Check SEO and accessibility with Google’s web.dev tool
  3. Use Google’s Mobile Friendly test to check responsiveness
  4. Check web security with Sucuri

If you’re not sure about the results, or want to talk through what needs to happen next, then get in touch. We’ll be able to explain the impact on your website, and whether you need to do something about it.

We can help you make sense of the results and recommend a series of actions to resolve any problems. We’ll explain it in plain English and won’t make you feel as if you’ve fallen into the Matrix.